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Bloemkoolsoep (Cauliflower soup) is a popular dish in the Netherlands, prepared for everyday meals or for special occasions and greatly enjoyed especially by locals. Cauliflower soup is a tasty, chunky soup which can be eaten in small serving bowls as a starter, or it can be served as a midday meal, with dark bread, or with salad and/or sandwiches.

The dish is made with small cooked cauliflower heads, butter, cauliflower water, stock cubes, flour, nutmeg. The stock cubes are dissolved in the cauliflower water and mixed with the butter, flour and cheese (optional) to obtain a white mass. The mixture is boiled for about ten minutes; nutmeg is added to taste (or paprika instead) and also cooked cauliflower as filling. The soup is served with some sour cream.

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Bloemkoolsoep (Dutch Cauliflower Soup),


Bloemkoolsoep (Dutch Cauliflower soup),