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Blog Feature Guidelines

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MyCityCuisine is looking to feature blog articles about local cuisine aimed at travelers. The selected articles will be presented on the MyCityCuisine main page as well as on the appropriate city pages on the website. Each feature will include a link to the author's blog, which brings additional visibility and traffic to the author's blog. There is no cost to the author for being featured. MyCityCuisine's mission is to help travelers discover local food from all over the world.

What we are looking for are blog articles that feature one traditional local dish from any city. The featured dish must be representative of the local cuisine. It can be a dish served in a formal restaurant, a fast food joint or by a street vendor.

The article must provide the following information:

  • A short, yet informative, dish description to tell the reader about the dish.
  • One to several visually appealing dish photos.

Please see the dish article guidelines below.

Article Guidelines

Featured dish. The article should feature one (and only one) traditional local dish. The featured dish must qualify as part of the local cuisine, not a popular foreign import. For example, pizza in London will be considered as a popular foreign import.

Article content. The article should tell the reader what the dish is (soup, salad, main dish, ...), the main ingredients that go into the dish, and maybe a brief overview of how the dish is prepared. The article can highlight any distinctive characteristics (unique taste, flavor or texture) that make the dish special, and any interesting history or story associated with the dish.

It is important to emphasize that the dish article should be written for visitors who are interested in tasting local food, not for someone who wants to cook it at home, so do not write a recipe. Neither should the article contain extensive information on the origin or the nutritional benefits of the dish. Write the article as if you were describing the dish to your out-of-town friends while at a local restaurant.

It is strongly suggested that the article recommends at least one place where visitors to the city can taste the dish. If it is a restaurant, then please mention restaurant name, address and business hours.

Article length. Any.

Dish photo(s). The blog article should include one to several high quality and visually appealing photos of the featured dish.

Approval Criteria

The article will be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • The visual attractiveness of the dish (so the dish photo is very important)
  • The informativeness of the article

How To Submit

Please email the following to "dish [at]":

  • One dish photo in jpeg format. If you have more than one dish photo in the article, submit the best one.
  • A short and catchy caption (maximum 100 characters) to go along the dish photo.
  • The URL to the dish article.


It costs absolutely nothing to submit or to be featured on


You will be notified within two weeks of your submission if your article has been accepted.