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Boerenmeisjes (preserved apricots or brandied apricots) is an old Dutch alcoholic “drink”. At first, the method of preparing boerenmeisjes was seen as a way to preserve apricots. Later on, with the addition of caramel, cinnamon and sugar candy, the flavor of this drink changed. Nowadays, its most common ingredients are water, dried apricots, zest of lemon and brandy. It is preserved in special jars, in a dark, cool place for a period of at least 6 weeks.

Boerenmeisjes is usually served at special occasions. It is used as an ingredient for pancakes and desserts, as a topping for ice-cream and even in different sauces.

Boerenmeisjes is consumed mainly in Groningen.

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Boerenmeisjes (Brandied Apricots),

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