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Boiled Lamb Tripe (Bao Du, 爆肚)

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Bao Du

Boiled Lamp Tripe, or Bao Du (爆肚) in Chinese, is a popular local snack food in Beijing. It is actually an Islamic food. The lamb tripe is first cut into stripes or slices and then quickly boiled in water. The cooked lamb tripe is often served with an assortment of dipping sauces, including oil, sesame, vinegar, chili oil, fermented bean curd soup, coriander, diced green onion and other spices.

Boiled lamp trip was first recorded during the reign of emperor Qian Long (1736-1795). Locals usually eat it in late autumn and early winter.

The Chinese name Bao Du means quickly boiled tripe. Some restaurants also sell Bao Du made of ox tripe, but Bao Du made of lamb tripe is more popular because it is more tender.

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Bao Du (Boiled Lamb Tripe),

Bao Du (Boiled Lamb Tripe),


BaoDu’er (爆肚儿),