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Bollenfleisch, Berlinish term for Zwiebelfleisch, is a traditional stew made and found in almost all local restaurants from the city of Berlin. It, basically, consists of lamb meat, onions and seasoning like salt, pepper, garlic and cumin. The meat is cut into bite-sized chunks, the parts best used for this dish being the ones from legs or shoulders, then it is stewed with previously sliced and sautéed onions and spices. After the broth has reduced, flour or bread crumbs are added to the cooking pan to make the stew thicker and heartier. A variation of this recipe states another method of preparation, where the meat is cut into pieces in the end, after it was cooked in a creamy sauce made from onions dusted in flour and water. Bollenfleisch is served with classical side dishes like boiled or mashed potatoes, mustard, pickles and beetroot salad.

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Bollenfleisch (Zwiebelfleisch),

Berliner Bollenfleisch mit Petersilienkartoffeln,