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Bolliti Misti

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Bolliti Misti (Mixed Boiled Meats) is a specifically Piemontese dish which became part of the traditions of many Italian regions. It is considered simple and quick to prepare, although it has its degree of difficulty concerning careful choice of cuts of meat, the right seasoning and definitely a good wine. The recipes differ from region to region, but technically, it is prepared almost in the same way. The ingredients for this dish are: pieces of meat of various animals (beef, calf, sausage, chicken), onions, carrot, celery, parsley, salt and a spring of basil. In a large pot, these cuts of meat with spices and vegetables are boiled at a low fire for quite a long time. When it is ready to be served, mustard or green salsa is the perfect accompanying sauce.

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Bolliti misti,

Bollito misto alla Piemontese,

Mixed Boiled Meats (Bolliti Misti),