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Bosna (Bosner) is a spicy Austrian fast food dish, it is said to have originated in either the city of Salzburg or Linz, nowadays it's popular all over Austria. It resembles a hot dog, consisting mainly of one or two Bosna sausages (a type of Bratwurst sausage, consists of pork and veal, and such spices as lemon and marjoram). Though many variations exist, the traditional version of this sandwich is topped with onions and blend of tomato ketchup, mustard, and curry powder. Bosna is made with white bread and is usually grilled briefly before serving.


Several variations of the dish exist:

  • Kleine Bosna (small bosna), with only one sausage;
  • Große Bosna (large bosna), with two sausages;
  • Kafka (named after Franz Kafka, Käsekrainer Bosna), with a different sausage type; generally a sausage with a different meat, more spice and cheese.

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Bosna (sausage),

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Bosna (sausage),