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Brasato is a traditional dish of Lombardia, especially cooked in autumn from veal or beef meat of only one big piece and red wine. The best meat for this is the one from the shoulder of the veal as it has a long shape and is perfect for roasting, boiling and brasato. The wine that goes well for this dish is red, of quite high acidity. The recipe is easy, although it needs two days of preparation; the first day the veal or beef is marinated in red wine and only the next day it is cooked. Ingredients used for brasato are: veal meat, carrot, onion, celery, leafs of sage, olive oil (extra virgin), and salt. The cooking itself should be slow so that the meat absorbs all the wine and gives its taste. Brasato can be eaten alone or with Polenta of Bergamo, rice and vegetables.

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Brasato - Secondo,

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Beef Braised in Barolo: Brasato al Barolo,