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Bratkartoffeln is the German version of home fries. The Bratkartoffeln are actually fried potatoes. The potatoes are peeled and cut into stripes or cubes, after what they are slightly boiled and cooked. Once ready for being cooked, they are placed in a pan along with onions, bacon, oil and sometimes sugar, and then let to fry until they become crunchy.

The dish is usually seasoned with salt, pepper, caraway and marjoram; rosemary and garlic being also sometimes used. This dish can be served by itself or together with scrambled eggs, sülzkotelett, sausages (liver and blood or crackling sausage), knipp, raw or fried herring. It also constitutes a great accompaniment for a large variety of meat and vegetable dishes, it being often served for breakfast.

Fried potatoes are well known all over the world. In Switzerland, they are traditionally called hash browns as they are usually served with bacon and eggs. In the U.S. they are known as home fries.

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Bratkartoffeln German Fries,