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Bread Pudding

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Bread pudding is a bread-based dessert popular in many countries' cuisine, including that of England, France, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Louisiana Creole, and the southern United States. In other languages, its name is a translation of "bread pudding" or even just "pudding"; in Spanish, another name is "migas" (crumbs), and they also have a similar dish, capirotada.

It is made using stale (usually left-over) bread, suet, egg, sugar or golden syrup, spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, mace or vanilla, and dried fruit.

The bread is soaked (often overnight), squeezed dry, and mixed with the other ingredients. The mixture is transferred into a dish and baked.

It may be served with a sweet sauce of some sort, such as whiskey sauce, rum sauce, or caramel sauce, but is typically sprinkled with sugar and eaten cold in squares or slices. In Canada it is often made with maple syrup. In Malaysia, bread pudding is eaten with custard sauce. In Hong Kong, bread pudding is usually served with vanilla cream dressing.

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Apple-cranberry bread puddings with rosemary gelato and cider-Calvados reduction @ food & style


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