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Brie de Meaux

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Brie de Meaux

Brie de Meaux is a variety of cheese produced in the Brie region and in the town of Meaux. Brie de Meaux has been produced since ancient times. The oldest document that makes reference to Brie de Meaux are the chronicles of Chrlemagne. He tasted this type of cheese in 774 BC in the city of Brie.

During the Congress of Vienna in 1814 the prince de Talleyrand organized a tournament in which Brie de Meaux took the first prize and was recognized as the "King of cheeses".

Brie de Meaux is made out of fresh cow milk, it is shaped by hand and then it matures during four weeks. It is served as a dessert or accompaniment to wine especially Champagne. Besides this it is used as an ingredient for many local dishes from Ile-de-France. Brie de Meaux has a straw yellow color and is creamy and soft. It has a thin, fluffy and white crust.

Brie de Meaux is one of the most popular cheeses out of the approximately 400 varieties of cheese produced in France.

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