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Buñuelos (bunyols)

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Bunuelos 1.jpg

Buñuelos (alternatively spelled bimuelos, birmuelos, bermuelos, burmuelos, bunyols, bonuelos) are fritters of Spanish origin. They are also an "essential" dish in Mexican cuisine.

Buñuelos typically consist of a simple, wheat-based yeast dough, often flavored with anise, that is thinly rolled, cut or shaped into individual pieces, then fried and finished off with a sweet topping.

They will usually have a filling or a topping. Buñuelos may be filled with a variety of things, ranging from cheese to yams. They can be round in ball shapes or disc shaped. Buñuelos are flaky, sweet and perfectly crispy snacks dusted with cinnamon sugar. They represent the perfect treat with a cup of coffee.

In Catalonia, Spain, the Bunyols de Quaresma are eaten during Lent. It is one of the most enduring Catalan traditions.

They are a popular snack in many Latin American countries, the Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, and are a tradition at Christmas, Ramadan and among Sephardic Jews at Hanukkah.

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