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Butifarra amb mongetes

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Botifarra amb mongetes.jpg

Butifarra amb mongetes is an emblematic Catalan stew of sausage and white beans. In the Catalan cuisine, butifarra represents a type of sausage and mongetes are circular, long and rather thin white beans.

The beans are boiled, then fried in olive oil until golden and the butiffara is grilled. In order to intensify the flavor of this fairly fatty sausage, condiments such as pepper and cinnamon are used. Frying the mongetes in olive oil becomes essential, as this gives the beans a special consistency, making them crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Sometimes, garlic may also be added.

When the mongetes are done, they are drizzled with extra virgin oil and served warm on a platter. The sausage is placed on top.

Butifarra amb mongetes can be dressed with mayonnaise, aioli or minced parsley.

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Butifarra amb Mongetes,

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