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Prized as an ingredient in various foods, cèpes is an edible mushroom held in high regard in many cuisines, and is commonly prepared and eaten in soups, pasta, or risotto. The mushroom is low in fat and digestible carbohydrates, and high in protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

The flavour has been described as nutty and slightly meaty, with a smooth, creamy texture, and a distinctive aroma reminiscent of sourdough. Young, small porcini are most appreciated by gourmets.

Porcini are eaten and enjoyed raw, sautéed with butter, ground into pasta, in soups, and in many other dishes. In France, they are used in recipes such as cèpes à la Bordelaise, cèpe frits and cèpe aux tomates.

Cèpes à la Bordelaise is made from cèpes, olive or duck fat, bread, garlic, shallot, parsley, pepper and salt. It is different because cèpes are cooked in oil, not in butter. The dish is even tastier the next day.

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Cèpes à la bordelaise,

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