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Canalons represent a traditional dish in the cuisine of Barcelona made of nutmeg-scented ground pork and veal wrapped into pasta and cooked under a layer of bechamel till it gets brown.

This homey old-fashioned dish can be assembled early in the morning, refrigerated and baked later. The preparation of canalons includes such ingredients as chicken, veal, pork, bacon, tomatoes, onion, breadcrumbs, bechamel, pasta and egg. Seasonings, such as nutmeg, thyme, salt and pepper are used in order to increase the flavor of the dish. When canalons are ready, they have a bubbly and golden appearance.

Canalons constitute one of those consistent comfort foods of Barcelona people get competitive about. Variations of canalons include Canalons a la Barcelonesa (which is the traditional recipe coming from Italian immigrants) and canalons d’espinacs (which represents a good choice for vegetarians).

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