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Candied crabapples

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Candied Crabapples is a popular dessert in Taipei, easy to be found at Night Markets, as the Taiwanese are very keen on eating and that is why they offer this opportunity to have something even in the night time. Crabapples are a kind of small red apples predominantly sour in taste, that grow in the Asian countries too, and which entered their cuisine a long time ago. The candy made from them is of red color, coated in honey, sugar and flavoring ingredients caramel, and served on stick. A variation of this dish is to stuff the apples with preserved plums before candying them. Candied apples are very simple and easy to make; a dense syrup, commonly on the basis of sugar, cinnamon, and honey is made and the apples are simply dipped in it and arranged to dry in a row on a stick. This delicious treat is found everywhere: at night markers, street vendors or food stalls, sold at an amazingly cheap price.

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