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Carp in gray sauce

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Carp in gray sauce is a traditional dish of Krakow city and an old Polish specialty. It is prepared especially during the Christmas time. According to the original recipe, fresh carp is needed for this dish as the blood of the fish mixed with lemon juice is used for the sauce.

Fish is cut into pieces, fried with onion (lemon slices, black pepper, ginger are also added) and simmered in a little red wine for about 40 minutes; then it is transferred to platter, covered with aluminum foil and kept in warm oven until the sauce is ready. A combination of carp blood, a little of dark beer, sugar, some butter, ground honey gingerbread, raisins and almonds are stirred in the remaining sauce towards the end, simmered briefly, then poured over the cooked fish. The sauce should have somewhat more sweet than sour taste with spicy overtones.

Carp in gray sauce is especially delicious served alongside mashed potatoes.

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