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Carquinyoli (in Catalan carquinyols or carquinyolis) are a kind of dry pasta made with whole or sliced almonds, typical of Catalonia.

Carquinyol include such ingredients as flour, sugar, egg and whole almonds that are not roasted or skinned. Some optional ingredients for this dish are lemon peel and cinnamon. Catalans tend to dunk these hard and crunchy cookies in mistela.

Variations of this type of cookies can be found in countries like Italy, France and some parts of North America. Biscotti are traditional also in some inland towns in Valencia, where they are called rosegons or rosegós. In Minorca, carquinyols are square shaped and do not include whole almonds. One Catalan food writer states that carquinyoli is derived from the French croquignole. Croquignole, another name for these biscotti, is a French word of Germanic origin.

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Spelt carquinyolis or Catalan cantuccini,

Carquinyolis - Almond Biscotti,