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Carrot hot dog

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Carrot hot dog is a popular street food in Zurich, deliciously prepared and deeply loved by the locals and by all vegetarians. It is both useful, healthy and with an appetizing aspect as it has a previously marinated carrot instead of the traditional sausage, string beans instead of fries, a bun made from whole wheat and sauces like ketch-up or mayonnaise or any other low fat making parts, most commonly cabbage slaw, marinated vegetables etc.


A whole carrot is peeled and steamed for a while to soften its texture, then it is seasoned and placed in the refrigerator overnight. When ready, the carrots are traditionally grilled before being brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, after which they are placed in a hot dog bun together with sliced onion or cabbage slaw or any other vegetables to the customers’ tastes and wishes. Seasonings for this completely vegetarian fast food are wine vinegar, mustard or ketch-up and mayonnaise for those who like to have a more copious hot dog.

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