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Castle Cake

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Castle Cake is a popular dessert in Scotland that is served for various special occasions. There are many recipes on how to prepare this delicious treat, the method and technique of it depending only on the chef's fantasy. The cake is characterized by an outstanding appearance, it looking indeed like a castle.

The Castle Cake is a huge cake made of various other kinds of cakes (cupcakes, strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes, sponge cakes, egg chocolate cakes or others), dessert components (mini rolls, cream cones, chocolate sticks, chocolate buttons, sugar cones, candies, cake ice cream cones, waffle ice cream cones, cardboard tubes and others), a large number of creams, icing, sprinkles, fondant, piping gel and other sweet things that help to put the Castle Cake together. All these parts are combined to build a castle-like looking cake. To help the process, toothpicks can be used. The result is always a fantastic looking and tasty cake.

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