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Cebollas Encurtidas

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Cebollas Encurtidas, literally translated as Pickled onion, is a popular condiment and side dish for various kinds of meat, fish and vegetables and is much enjoyed by the Guatemalan people and by all who like their food. The dish has the simplest methods of preparing and the taste and flavor of it is really appreciated by food connoisseurs. The main ingredient is red onion, which is used either sliced or whole, being only peeled, and marinated in lime juice with salt and pepper. The Cebollas are classically used with burgers, fried meats, potatoes, fish or ceviche (citrus marinated seafood) and it is such a common, easy and spicy appetizer that the flavors and tastes of Guatemalan cuisine would not be complete without it.

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Cebollas encurtidas or pickled onions,

Cebollas Encurtidas,

Cebollas Encurtidas,