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Tray of cenci fritti

Cenci (literally translated as fried rags) are Italian fritters - an indispensable attribute of the local Carnivals and other festvities. Depending on the region, these sweets have different names, for example Cenci fritti in Tuscany, frappe in Rome, chiacchere in Lombardy and crostoli in Emilia–Romagna. The cenci are often reffered to as "Lovers' knots", because of their unusual shape.

The dough for cenci is made of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, baking powder and rum or Marsala wine. The dough is rolled and cut into wide stripes with holes in the middle. The resulted "rags" are knotted in order to obtain the form they are famous for. The cenci are deep fried in a big quantity of corn or canola oil until they obtain a golden colour.

The ready sweets are sprinkled with powdered sugar and served while still warm.

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