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Cesnaková polievka

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Cesnaková Polievka (garlic soup) is as popular in Slovakia as onion soup in France. The Slovaks regard garlic as a strong healing component. Their garlic soup is usually cooked in chicken broth with parsley, crushed garlic, flour and potatoes. In some recipes flour, eggs or /and some water are combined to be added to the soup. Slovak cesnakova polievka is seasoned with salt, bay leaf, cracked pepper, sweet marjoram; and sometimes there can be powdered paprika. Grated cheese is one more possible flavored ingredient to the cesnakova polievka. The plate with the garlic soup is topped with parsley leaves and croutons. Slovak garlic soup is often served in baked bread bowl.

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Cesnakova Polievka ,

Cesnakova polievka ,

Cesnakova Polievka (Словацкая чесночный суп) ,

Cesnaková polievka ,

Чесночный суп ,

Cesnaková polievka ,

Garlic Soup (Cesnaková Polievka) ,