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Champagne truffles

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Champagne truffle 01.jpg

Champagne truffles are the most popular Swiss chocolates all over the world, renowned for their classical recipes which are transmitted from generation to generation and sacredly kept by the producers. Switzerland is the country where one can find the finest and tastiest chocolate, especially the one made by Teuscher Company with its headquarters in Zurich. This is an old world confectioner that creates hundreds of sweets based on chocolate or without it. Their celebrated Champagne Truffles are made with Dom Perignon champagne and butter cream, the mixture surrounded by dark cream ganache made from 66% dark base chocolate. Then it is enrobed in milk chocolate and dusted with confectioner's sugar or in dark chocolate and coated in bracingly dry unsweetened cocoa powder. Chocolate glazed truffles with all kinds of decorations are also widely popular and available at most Swiss markets. The natural ingredients brought from practically all continents make these sweets so unique and famous. A box of presents with Champagne truffles is the best gift for a romantic person and for all sweet lovers.

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