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Champignons de Paris

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Champignon de Paris (Agaricus bisporus)

Champignons de Paris or Paris mushrooms began to be cultivated during the reign of Louis XIV, by his gardeners. The first plantations of Paris mushrooms were under the city in unused vaults. However the name of the mushrooms became Paris mushrooms later during the reign of Napoleon 1st. It was then that Paris mushrooms grew in large quantities under the city. Later the construction of the Parisian métro made the cultivation of mushrooms impossible in Paris so they began to be cultivated elsewhere. Nowadays France is the first European producer of Paris mushrooms.

Paris mushrooms can be used alone or with other ingredients for a great variety of dishes. This is the only kind of mushroom that can be eaten without cooking. One of the most popular dish in Parisian restaurants based on Paris mushrooms and a variety of herbs is a side dish often served along fish and meat dishes.

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