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Char siew rice

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In Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, char siew rice is found in many Chinese shāo là (烧腊) stalls along with roasted duck and roasted pork. It is served with slices of char siu, cucumbers, white rice and drenched in sweet gravy or drizzled with dark soy sauce. Char siew rice can also be found in Hainanese chicken rice stalls, where customers have a choice of having their char siew rice served with plain white rice or chicken-flavoured rice, and the same choice of garlic chilli and soy sauces.

To prepare a classical Char siew rice, first pork meat is cut into long strips and barbecued over charcoal. The meat should be tender, not too burnt and with little fat. Then barbecued pork is sliced and served together with steamed rice topped with thick and sweet gravy.

Vegetarian char siew rice does exist and can be found in vegetarian restaurants and stalls in South East Asian Chinese communities.

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Char Siew Rice,

Undeniably the BEST Char Siew Rice (叉燒飯) in Singapore @ Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (琪利珠江烧腊),