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Charlotte alla Milanese

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Charlotte alla Milanese is a chilled dessert (dolci semifreddi), generally made not so much for components as for serving itself. It is made from pan di spagna or thinly sliced white bread which is soaked in liqueur, Rum or dry white wine, candied fruit, apples, cream and other sweet ingredients. Preparation is simple, as the apples are peeled and sliced then put in a pot with sugar, lemon zest, white wine (only a sprinkle) and simmered for some minutes. The bread, or pan di spagna are put in a buttered mold and greased with the remaining sugar and butter. The drained apples are placed next, then a layer of candied fruits and a sprinkle of Rum. Finally it is covered with slices of buttered bread and cooked in the oven. It is served cold, poured into a dessert plate and sprinkled. The effect, flavor and taste are unbelievable.

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Charlotte alla Milanese,

Charlotte alla milanese,