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Chasselas is a Swiss wine made from Chasselas Blanc grape variety believed to have the origins in Egypt and widely grown in the cantons Valais, Vaud and Mandement of Switzerland where it has several regional synonym names, the main ones being Fendant and Perlan.

Chasselas is mostly a full, dry and fruity white wine which has AOC recognition, in other words, it is also called Vin de Pays, meaning country’s wine. The white color of the wine has a pale, silvery straw nuance with a flavor of pears and apple peel. Having a relatively low acidity, it is considered an ideal pairing for raclette or fondue. Some wine experts give a neutral appreciation to Chasselas, and call it chalky of taste; nevertheless, this drink is popular around the country and is largely used in local cuisine.

It is also suitable as a table grape, grown widely for this purpose in Turkey. In France it is mostly grown in the Loire region where it is converted into a blend with Sauvignon Blanc called "Pouilly-sur-Loire" and in the Savoie region where it is treated in the Swiss manner. In New Zealand it is mainly made into popular sweet white wines. California and Australian growers know this variety under the alias names of Chasselas Dore or Golden Chasselas.

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