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Chhài-pó͘-nn̄g (菜脯卵)

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Chhài-pó͘-nn̄g (菜脯卵), a Taiwanese style omelet with preserved white radish, popular with those who are fond of salty food. Preserved radish gives this dish quite a crunchy structure, depending on the cut forms of it: stripy forms - crispier, chopped forms - more salty. Common ingredients for chhài-pó͘-nn̄g include eggs, preserved radish, garlic, white pepper, soy sauce, peanut oil, sea salt and other additional ones like peeled prawns, red chili, and scallions.


The radish is stirred fry in oil together with garlic and prawns, then eggs are beaten with soy sauce and seasoned with white pepper and sea salt. Afterwards they are poured in the pan and cooked on both sides. The omelet is served immediately with some scallions and red chili to the customer’s wish.

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