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Chicago-style ribs

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Almost everyone has heard about the famous Chicago-style ribs, either these are grilled or baked. The Chicago style ribs are a great pride of the American cuisine. The cooks tend to use young pork or beef back ribs, due to the fact that these are much tender. They usually use a pretty slow and low cooking method, which releases the moist and tenderness characteristic for the Chicago ribs. Typically, the ribs are smoked for about eight hours. After being smoked they are baked or grilled on very low heat. Usually, before being smoked, the ribs are mixed with different spices, such as dried thyme, white pepper and cayenne pepper, thus conferring the meat a special flavor. When baked or grilled the ribs are rubbed with barbecue sauce. While cooking, the chefs tend to add more sauce to the ribs, thus making them stickier and more colorful. The Chicago-style ribs constitute a great dish to be served with salads, especially lettuce salads.

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