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Chicken Vesuvio

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Chicken Vesuvio is a specialty of Chicago. This meal is an Italian-American dish made from chicken on the bone and wedges, sauteed with garlic, oregano, white wine and olive oil, then baked until the chicken's skin becomes crisp. The dish is often garnished with a few green peas for color. Many times the cooks also add peppers and carrots to the dish.

In Chicago, you can also find the same technique applied to other foods, like "steak Vesuvio", "pork chops Vesuvio" or even just "Vesuvio potatoes" (which is the vegan variation of the vesuvio). So far, the most popular variation of this dish was the one made with chicken. Most of the times the chicken vesuvio is served with potatoes. This dish is great when served with a good white wine, that tends to increase the flavor of the chicken.

The origins of this dish are unknown, but some suggest it might have been popularized by the Vesuvio Restaurant, which operated at 15 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, in the 1930s.

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Chicken Vesuvio,

Chicken Vesuvio,

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