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Chipas or cheese breads are a variety of small, baked, cheese-flavored rolls, a popular typical snack and breakfast food in Brazil, and also in nearby regions of Bolivia, Paraguay and northern Argentina. The inexpensive snack is often sold from streetside stands or by vendors carrying a heat-preserving container.

The most frequent variety is made of manioc starch, milk, cheese, eggs, with butter or oil. The dough is formed into little balls 3 centimeters in diameter. The lightness of the manioc starch, which is thinly milled, gives the bread a special texture. Occasionally, anise seeds are added. Cuñape has the same ingredients but in different proportions.

In the Guaraní region, the chipás are often baked in smaller doughnuts or buns that are called chipa'í or chipacitos. These are sold in small paper bags by street sellers of big cities and small towns, even as far south as Buenos Aires, where stands with small ovens keep the chipás warm at the Buenos Aires Metro. Every variety of manioc and corn flour bread is known in Paraguay as chipa and mbeju. In the preparation, yeast is not used, so in spite of the high temperatures of the region, it can be preserved for many days. It is a festive food and can be found in every popular religious celebration.

Other common variants in Paraguay include the chipa guasu or chipá guazú ("chipa grande", "big chipa" in English) made with corn flour in its fresh state (clog), one of the most usual dishes at the Holy Friday table during the Lent period because it is meat-free; the chipa caburé (cooked around a stick, in consequence it doesn't have the spongy inner center) and the chipa so'o, filled with ground meat. There are other varieties of chipa with different ingredients; the chipa manduvi (made with a mix of corn flour and peanut), the chipa rora (made of the skin of the seed of corn after being strained, like a whole-wheat bread).

The Paraguayan city of Coronel Bogado at the department of Itapúa, is considered the National Capitol of the Chipa

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