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Cholermues is an omelet made with dried fruit which is similar to pancakes more than to an omelet itself, and is usually served with apples, pears, dried fruit or syrups fillings. The ingredients for this dish are: dried fruit, lemon juice, water, butter, cornstarch, flour, eggs, light cream and cinnamon.


The dried fruits are soaked in water and lemon juice, after which the butter is melted in a pan, adding also cornstarch and the syrup. Then fruits are tossed in and simmered until the mass becomes of a thicker consistency. The omelet made from eggs, flour, cream and cinnamon is fried and filled with the fruity substance. It is a perfect breakfast food especially in the Alpine zone, when there is always a necessity of something sweet and unusual to complement a real, Swiss morning.

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Swiss breakfast omelet with dried fruit filling (cholermues),


Unterwaldner Cholermues - Nidwald,