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Chräbeli, translated as Anise cookies, is a Swiss Christmas treat which is widely popular amongst the locals and tourists as well. They are especially made and sold before and during winter holidays, and are eaten with tea, coffee or hot chocolate or presented in special gift boxes to the nearest and dearest. The main aromatic ingredient for these cookies is anise, which enriches its taste with the unique smell of winter time. Other components for the dessert are: eggs, confectioner’s sugar, salt, flour and Kirsch.


The eggs, sugar, salt, Kirsch and anise are stirred in a bowl, to which later is added flour and soft dough is formed. Medium sized rolls are made from the dough that are slightly cut on one side and bent angularly. The biscuits are baked in the oven and served cooled down at breakfast or as a dessert dish.

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Chräbeli (Anise cookies, Christmas treat),


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