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Chwee kueh

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Chwee kueh (or chwee kway) (Chinese: 水粿; pinyin: shuǐguǒ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: chúi-kóe; literally "water rice cake") is a type of steamed rice cake, a cuisine of Singapore and Johor. The preparation process of Chwee kueh is very easy.

To make chwee kueh, rice flour and water are mixed together to form a slightly viscous mixture. They are then placed in small cup-shaped containers that look like saucers and steamed, forming a characteristic bowl-like shape when cooked. The rice cakes are topped with diced preserved radish and served with chilli sauce. Chwee kueh is a popular breakfast item in Singapore and Johor. Different variations of this dish may include more ingredients, such as wheat starch, tapioca flour, corn flour, olive oil, white vinegar. Besides the traditional radish topping, Chwee kueh is also served with chopped garlic and eschallots together with soy sauce, sugar and oil.

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Chwee kueh,

Chwee Kueh i.e. Water Cake in Teochew,

Chwee Kueh,

Chwee Kueh/Quar Ko Kueh/Steamed Rice Cake with Preserved Radish,

Chwee Kueh - Steamed Rice Cake With Preserved Radish 水粿,