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Cider Poached Gammon and Champ

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Cider Poached Gammon and Champ is a traditional Irish dish. It is made of Gammon cooked with some cider. The Gammon can be simmered with some cider or first boiled and then baked in cider. It can be pickled beforehand too. To add to the taste, the Cider Poached Gammon can be prepared with some herbs or fruits. It can also be served with a sauce alongside. The second part of the dish is some Champ, which is made of mushed boiled potatoes. Herbs, onion and some butter can be added to the Champ to make it more flavored.

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Cider Poached Gammon and Champ,

Baked Gammon in Cider,

Gammon Steaks Poached in Cider with warm Tomato and Apple Jam,