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Cinghiale in umido

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Cinghiale in umido in a blue plate

Because wild boars are not rare animals in the forests and mountains near Lucca, the Cinghiale in Umido which in translation means Stewed Boar, is a rather popular dish. The recipe includes big boneless pieces of aged boar, garlic cloves, celery sticks, peeled and diced tomatoes, rosemary sprigs, bay and sage leaves, chili peppers, Tuscan red wine and extra virgin olive oil. Carrots, parsley leaves and red onions are optional ingredients. The components are simmered together for about two hours and when the meat becomes tender, the Cinghiale in Umido is ready to be served. Usually the dish is garnished with black olives and nutmeg.

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Stewed Boar Recipe - Cinghiale in Umido,

Cinghiale in umido. Ricetta di un piatto tipico Toscano.,