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Ciorba Taraneasca

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Ciorba taraneasca de legume

Ciorba Taraneasca is a country style warm soup and a beloved Romanian dish. It is particularly popular during winter time matched with Vin fiert (izvar). The soup is made with fat beef/pork meat (or without meat) or with chicken, carrot, parsley, celery, onion, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, peas beans, green beans, sour soup, salt, and aromatic leaves. The preparation is quite classical for a soup - meat is boiled for about an hour alone, then ingredients are grated or finely chopped and added to the boiling water. Parsley and lovage (a beloved herb for soups preparation) are added when the heat is turned off in order to increase the soup aroma.

Ciorba Taraneasca is served warm with sour cream or pickled peppers.

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Ciorba taraneasca de legume,

Ciorba taraneasca,

Ciorba taraneasca,

Ciorba taraneasca de vacuta,