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Ciuperci cu Maioneza

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Ciuperci cu maioneza.jpg

Ciuperci cu Maioneza are a famous appetizer in the Romanian cuisine and consists of mushrooms served with mayonnaise. As the name of the snack suggests, mushrooms are the main ingredient of this dish. These are cleaned and washed in water, then boiled for about 30 minutes. Bay leaf, salt and a little bit of dry white wine are added to the boiling water, in order to increase the flavor of the dish. When the mushrooms become soft, the water is drained and these are left to cool for a while. Mushrooms are then mixed with finely chopped parsley and garlic cloves ans seasoned with salt. Mayonnaise is added on top and combined with the mixture, thus giving birth to an extremely appealing appetizer. Sometimes, the dish may be garnished with olives and slices of bell peppers.

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Ciuperci cu maioneza,

Ciuperci cu maioneza,

Ciuperci cu maioneza,