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Clericó is one of the most consumed Uruguayan drinks. Its name is spelled clericó or clericot. This popular fruit punch is nice for refreshing during the summer months. Originally the summer beverage was made with claret (red) wine, sugar, lemon juice and sparkling water. Invented and popularized by British, the drink was called as claret cup. The Spanish modified this name to clericot.

Clericó combines Uruguayan Wine and fruit drink, apple juice is mostly used. Peeled, cut and sprinkled with sugar fruits are soaking for short time. Then wine is added. And drink is left for a couple of hours. This light drink can include various types of wines. But these days clericó is made with white wine preferably. Clericó recipe alters easily depending on one’s preferences. In-season fruits are used in any combination. It is served refrigerated or with ice cubes in a highball glass.

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