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Cold cucumber soup

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Cold cucumber soup is a healthy, light side dish popular in Zurich especially in summer time as it is both low calories and refreshing due to its making parts. The ingredients for this dish are: cucumbers (peeled and seeded), sour cream, chicken broth (optionally), onion, fresh parsley, fresh dill, lemon juice, white pepper and some other extra components mostly used to enrich the taste and flavor of the soup like: yoghurt, chili, mint leaves, curry, corn oil, arrowroot or cornstarch, milk etc. Classically, the preparation is simple as cucumbers, onions, parsley, salt and dill are sautéed in a large saucepan; then starch or arrowroot is whisked with water or chicken broth and poured into the vegetable mixture which is thoroughly stirred until thick. Light cream, or sour cream or even milk is gradually added and the soup is left to cool, after that it is placed in refrigerator for some hours. It is served cold or ice cold, seasoned with pepper, mint leaves and chopped parsley. There is also a hot variant of this soup, but the Swiss mostly prefer this dish rather cold, traditionally in summer stuffy days.

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Cold Cucumber Soup,


Cold Cucumber Soup,