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Crema di Porri

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Crema di porri with a toast and a glass of white wine

Crema di Porri is a traditional vegetarian soup, specific to the Tuscan cooking culture. The dish used to be served on the 10th August, at the San Lorenzo festival. Ancient documents from the San Lorenzo church in Florence also mention the crema di porri. The current recipe includes leeks, potatoes, vegetable broth, olive oil, salt and white pepper. The chopped white parts of the leeks and the diced potatoes are simmered. The broth and the flour are aded a little later and the soup is cooked with the lid of the pot on. The potatoes can be replaced by a little flour.

When ready, all the ingredients are blended in order to obtain the desired consistency.

The Renaissance period version of this dish suggests adding cumin and saffron for a richer aroma.

Before serving, the crema di porri is garnished with chopped green chives. The best wine to accompany the soup is the Chianti classico.

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Crema di porri,

Leek Soup (crema di porri),

Суп из лука-порея (Crema di porri),