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Crostini Toscane

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Multitude of crostini toscani

The Crostini Toscane, also known as crostini fegatini is an obligatory attribute of the toscan antipasto. It represents small toasts spread with pâté, which is made of chicken livers, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, onions, garlic cloves, anchovy fillets, chicken broth, chopped sage and lemon zest. Sometimes the receipt also includes butter, carrots, capers, minced beef and Tuscan pork sausages. The onions, chicken livers, anchivoes and garlic cloves are simmered in a large skillet. When the onions obtain a golden colour, the wine and the broth are added and simmered with the rest of the ingredients. When ready, the ingredients are mashed with a fork and spread on slices of toasted Italian or French bread.

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It’s not a real Tuscan starter without the crostini with pâté,

Crostini Toscani,

How to make the Crostini Toscani:,

Crostini Toscani,