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Cruzcampo is considered to be the biggest beer producer in Spain, it offering premium quality beer.

Founded in 1904 by Roberto Osborne and Agustin Osborne in Seville, takes the name of La Cruz del Campo (The Cross of the Field), which used to be a cross in the middle of the field, which still stands today next to the brewery in Seville.

Nowadays it is part of the Heineken corporation who bought it from Guinness, however Spanish people, especially Southerners, regard Cruzcampo as the national pride and it is the most consumed beer in southern Spain. Cruzcampo has breweries in Seville, Madrid, Valencia, Jaén and Arano. Since 1926, the logo has been the figure of Gambrinus, who is the legendary creator of beer, before that it was the original cross in the field.

Types of beer:

-Cruzcampo: Pilsen type, graduación 5,4º y 5º.

-Cruzcampo Shandy: beer with lemonade (similar to the German Radler).

-Cruzcampo Export.

-Cruzcampo Alcohol Free.

-Big Cruzcampo.

-El León.

-Krone Lager.

-Spieler Pils.

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