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Cuttlefish soup

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Cuttlefish Soup is a typical Taiwanese soup made from cuttlefish fresh and dried meat which is, in fact, the basic component. The other ingredients used for this soup are pork bones, white radish, dried red Dates (a relatively sweet fruit), parsley, shallot onion, salt. Dried cuttlefish gives the soup a kind of chewy and pungent structure, but it emphasizes the taste and flavor of it by adding sweetness to the broth. Preparation is easy as a soup base is first made from boiling the pork bones; to the stock later is added fish, radish, fried shallot onion and the rest of the ingredients. Taste is enriched with salt, pepper, soy sauce. It is served in a soup bowl, usually garnished with chopped parsley.

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Chinese Cuttlefish Soup,

Shilin Night Market, Taipei,