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Dad's Root Beer

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Dad's Root Beer is an American root beer created in Chicago in 1937. It is currently sold and marketed by The Dad's Root Beer Company LLC, and owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC. Dad's Root Beer was developed in the 1930s by partners Barney Berns and Ely Klapman, in the basement of Mr. Klapman's Chicago-area home. The Dad's brand was immediately famous throughout the midwest area and by the late 1940s, was one of the most-consumed brands of Root Beer throughout the United States. Jules Klapman, son of co-founder Ely, was successful in bringing the Dad's brand to the international stage. The name Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer was coined in honor of Eli Klapman's father, and any other fathers across the country, who used to make root beer at home for their families (a popular thing to do in the early 20th Century). Dad's makes the following brands flavors: Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer; Dad's Diet Old Fashioned Root Beer, as well as several types of soda, such as cream soda, blue soda and others.

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Dad's Root Beer,

Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer is America’s Premium Root Beer,

Dad's Root Beer,