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Damassine is a liqueur produced by distillation of the Damassine prune from the Damassinier tree which seeds were brought from the Orient (hence its name originating from Damascus “fr Damas”). The fruit damassine is a small red prune of "a thousand scents", the colour of its skin being predominantly from pink to red. The aromas of the liqueur are very complex, composed of different kinds of ingredients but the scents of wild prune dominate, with herbal and almond touches. The latter can easily be explained by the fruit morphology (proportion of kernel and flesh); the herbal touches must come from the fact that it has to be gathered once falling onto the ground. The secondary scents and aromas are those of the other similar kernel fruits (cherries, Mirabelle), sweetness (honey, dried banana) and spices (coriander, cloves with a little touch of cinnamon). This is a rather strong drink, which is good with a hearty meal, usually, on cold winter days.

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