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Deep Fried Insects

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Deep fried inserts

In Donghuamen Night Market and a few other markets in Beijing, one can find deep fried insects on sale. The insects include scorpions, starfish, silk worms, dung beetles, among others. Such places target tourists with a shock factor. The deep fried insects are not dangerous to eat, but one needs to be brave and adventurous to try them.

All over Beijing however, one can find restaurants catering to local people serving pupa worms (bbq, deep-fried, stir-fried, for example) (虫蛹 chóng yǒng) and locust (蝗虫 huángchóng). Such insects are enjoyed for their flavor and some alleged health benefits.

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Scorpion kebab, anyone?,

Deep Fried Scorpions,

Deep fried scorpion,