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Doluca Wines

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Doluca is a Turkish wine brand renowned by world wine experts for its high quality. Founded in 1926, the winery has been growing domestic and European grapes for three generations. The founder of Doluca, Nihat A. Kutman, was one of the most professional wine makers in Turkey, and also played a great role in spreading such grape varieties as Cinsault, Semillon, Gamay and Riesling in the region. His offsprings continued the family business and presented such world known varieties as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to the Turkish wine market. Some of the red, white, and rose wines produced by Doluca brand became famous all over the world: Kav, Antik, Villa Doluca, Doluca, Nevsah and Moskado. Most of them are produced from grapes grown in the Marmara and Aegean regions. A glass of Doluca flavoursome wine will be the best accompaniment to a traditional Turkish dinner.

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