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Doner Kebab

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Doner kebab is a Turkish and Azerbaijani dish made of lamb meat (mainly) cooked on a vertical spit and sliced off to order. This dish is very popular in Austria and Doner kebab shops can be found in all cities across the country. It is more likely to find a chicken kebab in central Vienna than lamb or beef kebab. Anyways there are many variants in the composition of the meat, the ways of serving it, and the garnishes. Usually it is served with a salad made from shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and onions—often also with cabbage and cucumbers. The other traditional garnish is the french fries, which can be served as a side or wrapped with the meat and salad in a thin lavash. You can also try the Doner Kebab in a sandwich-style bun instead of it.

This dish is also very popular in Germany, Poland and UK.

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